Frequently Asked Questions.

When I first posted some pages on the web I expected very little feedback and even fewer questions. I was wrong. Not only did I receive a lot of feedback and questions, I received a lot of the same questions. Since I’m starting to put some of the original pages back up, let’s fix that:

  1. Q: Are you the Paul Bernard that served on Insert the name of your favorite US Military base in the country of your choice?

    A: [ed: This was the most common question and I received it about once every two or three days.]

    No. I’m a Canadian Citizen. I wouldn’t be serving in the US Military. If I had been there then it’d probably be because I’d either been captured by it or busy infiltrating it. Either way, if you saw me there then I must not have been very good at my given task.

  2. Q: Are you a big gamer?

    A: By what standard do you want me to measure? If you put me in a Standard American size XXXL tee‐shirt it wouldn’t fit. I’d call the result a tent.

  3. Q: Sigh… Do you play a lot of games?

    A: [updated: 2014] No. My attention only seems to be captured for any length by two genres: Squad based tactical games, primarily the XCOM/UFO style, and first person sneakers such as the “Thief: The Dark Project” family.

    Currently, far too much time is spent playing UFO: Alien Invasion and The Dark Mod.

    Both are excellent derivatives of their respective originals. Both are Free Software/Open Source (choose whichever polarizing label you like).

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